Don’t Just say it, do it!

Don’t Just say it do it!

Turning desire into action

So you don’t like how you look. The years are flashing before your eyes. They seem to be flashing even faster as you age. You want to improve your health, you want to be more active, quit smoking, slow down your drinking and so on. But every time you try to start up something, life starts up and you can’t.

Well, let me make this real easy. First off no matter when you decide to make changes, if you are living, which you are if you are reading this, life happens, it continues. As long as you are living there is stress, things happen whether they are expected or unexpected.

The one problem I see clients or potential clients have as a trainer is getting from talking about it to doing IT. I am working on another article that is the mother-load on this exact topic. But I wanted to address it sooner rather than later. And then drop the mother-load once I have organized, perfected, and packaged it in an understandable.

So lets look at this for now and see if I can help you get from wishing, to wanting, to doing. There seems to be a something that happens that makes a person either pull the trigger or place the gun down and then just stare at it for months before they pick it up again with the intention to pull, but then puts it down again. I know as a whole we are not patient people. We want results now. So if a person knows that training (whether with me or on their own, or with another trainer) is going to take time, effort and some commitment and they aren’t ready then it may take some mental working out to accept this and and understand the time it  may take. I don’t think its the work per se. I think people wish they could train for a week and see the difference asap, then they would be more committed. The truth regarding this statement is that after a week of training and eating a clean diet people do see or feel results, yes they have way more work to do, but it is obvious change is taking place. When done correctly the change can be slow, but it can be, with a higher rate of permanent. Most want to see instant results. They want to fit into that dress in two weeks. Well, the thing about that is if the dress is two to three sizes two small and they only have two weeks, even with being super committed and following a plan to the letter, you may come up short. Usually, no always, I do not like taking clients who say “well I have a wedding in a month and want to wear this dress”. First off they are not committed to becoming healthy, they are committed to wearing that dress, and after they wear that dress, the committed to train has vanished. So you would have to look at the reason why you want to become healthy and drop unhealthy weight. If it is for the short term, like an event, just buy a larger size dress. DO NOT ATTEMPT!! Losing weight and then gaining it back is so unhealthy. That yo-yo crap just wrecks your body, and how your body works.

So you bought the larger dress size, but every now and then that urge to change will come to the surface. Ok, try this. When that urge comes run with it. Go talk to a professional. Usually if the person is good at what they do, they will motivate you and hopefully the talking will turn into moving. Don’t wait though, you need to strike when the iron is hot. If you have that thought and you actually go talk to a trainer it may have an amazing effect on you, especially if you usually just sit with that thought and eventually make a phone call. Too much time may have past, and during the call you listen and have moments of excited but you aren’t mentally engaged. Instead you may be thinking about what you are going to order at dinner tonight. So instead of waiting when you have that urge MOVE, and move fast. Then, if hiring a trainer is what you have in mind make an appointment with a trainer asap. Most trainers offer a free consultation (like myself), the consultation may arm you with a stronger urge to get started.

Then you leave, now this is where is all happens, or doesn’t. Life happens, and other things start to pop up. So if you set a date to start with a trainer, things may happen in between that make that date harder and harder to reach. One thing I have learned is when a person cancels our start date, 99% of the time they never re-shedule, or they do but something happens again. I think at that point they feel they have failed and never call again. First off, most trainers understand that throwing a regular scheduled workout into an already busy life can be hard to do. And it may take a few tries to get started. But if you feel like a failure because you let life get in the way of your set training time, don’t.  You are just learning how to make it all work and it may take a few tries. Explain that to your trainer. A good trainer will motivate and care if you are struggling with the scheduling and will arm you with tricks, ideas and suggestions to get yourself in the gym. Second you haven’t failed until you have decided I don’t want to do this, I give up. If you truly do want to make these changes you may need to explain to family members and your trainer that you are having a hard time getting started and need help and encouragement. I often hear that when a person is trying to leave their home to come to me everything seems to go wrong. Every one needs something. If the family is prepared then this is less likely to happen. If you tell your family in advance that at this time on this day I will be leaving, please help me by not jumping in my way, or pulling on me while I am walking out the door, or stop me to ask for help you with whatever. Usually if this talk is done in a serious manner making everyone sit down and listen they will understand the importance and it should eliminate the chaos that shows up while you are heading out the door. If you have people in your life that hold you back on most things you attempt, you may need to get real stern and ask them to back off. You may need to explain that if that continues there will be repercussions they won’t enjoy. Threatening works well if you keep the punishment a surprise and leave it to their own imagination. Guaranteed it they will be pretty creative and come up with something pretty brutal on their own.

If you find it is you that lets that fire burn out, then I have a simple solution that may work. You have to have the desire and commitment. If you do have commitment and desire this may work. And this is what I will be writing about in another much longer article.

You have to reframe your goals in statements that will work to help you attain these goal. This is called the ‘If-then” plan. So instead of saying “I want to workout”, you say “if it is 12 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then I will go to the gym” or instead of saying “I won’t eat junk food” you say “if I am hungry and want to snack, then I will eat the food I packed or snack on an apple and nuts”. Another example since drinking does seem to be a factor in almost most programs you say “if I go out, then I will only have two drinks” and you can even choose the drinks “if I drink when I go out, then I will drink vodka and soda” instead of a fruity drink or a drink made with juice or beer. Do you see where I am going with all of this.

Of course you have control over the choices in your life. But Sometimes our ability to make these choices isn’t as strong as we would like, or our commitment candle flickers and burns out. But the mind is so strong and every action comes from a thought. If we change how we think, how we use our words, retrain our brain and be more direct, then we can hopefully eliminate what happens when our intentions go from intent, to missed opportunity.

It’s not easy. I even struggle at times. But I have done some type of “if-then” for years. If I am having a hard day, I will tell myself at so-and-so time I will go downstairs and train. It works out well and has kept me from having many lazy days that were not earned, just desired.

Now, some may disagree with me about some of the statements I made in the previous paragraphs about trainers and how they should step in and motivate. Well that is my opinion, and here is more. As a trainer you don’t just say pick up that weight and do this. Exercise, weight loss, health, and any thing related can be extremely hard for some to adapt to. Some come to workout not just for weight loss, but to have a place to release tension. Some come and train but talk and get a lot off their chests. I was taught that as a trainer you motivate, inspire, support, encourage and so on. If you are reducing your training to pick that up, do this exercise, then your clients may not benefit as much as they should. I think training has a personal side to it. I think you should get along with your trainer. Some trainers think it should be completely professional and emotionless. I am not that kind of trainer. And I think if given a choice between a good robotic trainer and a good personable trainer, a person would enjoy, and gain more from the personable trainer. Both are good. But if you feel comfortable and less vulnerable during your sessions you may be able to do more, push yourself, and feel better not just physically but all the way around. This is my opinion, so take it or leave it, I live it and train it, and my clients love it!

Anything is possible, you just need to get your brain straight, reframe your goals, and get started!

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Sun Bum can save your BUM!

Sun Bum can save your BUM!




Being a trainer and having the fitness fever I spend hours outside in the sun. I am always looking for a good sunblock. Last summer while in Palm Springs I came across Sun Bum. I love this product!


I have used the Sun Bum lip balm, SPF 30, banana. Love the smell, love the feel, love it. My lips do tend to get more sun then I would like. The last thing I want is to have lines around lips in my older years. This lip balm isn’t too greasy or slimy. Which is huge when training. My hair does fly around and I hate when my hair gets stuck to my lips because of gloss or balm.


I also use the SPF 30 continuos spray. Its easy to apply, I don’t feel like I have rolled around in oil, and it works. I spend a lot of time running outside with my shoulders exposed. I have enough freckles on my shoulders. This does a good job of keeping me from burning and keeping the specks down to a minimum. I usually use SPF 30 rather than SPF 50, or 70. I don’t mind reapplying when its time, and for those of you who don’t know SPF 70, or 50 doesn’t give you anymore protection than 30. Its suppose to just give you more time in between reapplying.


A quick lesson in what SPF means and stands for. SPF stands for sun protection factor. Simply put the SPF level is the time that the sunscreen will be effective, not the strength. You have to multiply the SPF number by another number. To make it easy I usually use the average number of 15. But it may be more or less depending upon each individuals skin type. For instance, if it takes 10 minutes before you skin begins to turn red in the sun then you multiply the SPF number, say 30 by 10. You get 300, correct? Then that SPF will protect you from the damaging rays of the sun for 300 minutes. The average number is 15, so no need to test your skin, this number usually is right on target. But if you are particularly fair, or you burn unusually faster than most, then multiply by 10 and reapply sooner. See, in the case that you are using an SPF with this knowledge then even an SPF 15 becomes effective if you reapply at the right time. This becomes even more important when your child hates the thick feeling of the higher number SPF’s. The light feeling of 15 or 30 has always made applying SPF not a issue with my children. I have four, I know how that can be. I laugh inside when I apply a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 15 and a mother next to me gives me a look like I am endangering my child. They spend 15 minutes fighting with their child, not applying the sunscreen evenly because the child is screaming. My child is in the pool, no tears, not tantrum. I have tried explaining, but my words fall on deaf ears. Also if you swim, sweat or whatever you will need to reapply regardless.


They have other products I have yet to use. But if their other products are anything like the spray and lip balm I would say its a must. I currently have two aftersun products I am using up, but Sun Bum has an aftersun ‘cool down’ spray that I will picking up when I am done with what I have got now.


Their website is cool, and they seem to care about the community. Here is the link to their product page. But their whole website is worth checking out.


The lip balm goes for $3.99, and the SPF 30 spray $15.99. If you order from their website they have a flat rate shipping of $4.99 for orders over $50.


They also have cool playful products like towels, beach football and a Sun Bum Bum Sack I think I need to have.


Sunblock is so important. It doesn’t have to be gross, thick, and nasty smelling. You won’t use these words to describe this amazing product.



Review written by:

Diane Mohlman

Weider X-Factor

Weider X-Factor

Love It!!!!

If there is only a very small space in your home gym and you want a quality piece of equipment the Weider X-factor home gym will go farther than you can imagine for cheaper than what you would think. The price runs right around $300 dollars. I paid 300 for mine a couple of years back. However in a current search online I found prices listed under 200. I didn’t try to figure out if there was a difference, I figured I purchased mine when they first came out. Maybe the price has dropped now.

This home gym comes with a chart listing various exercises. I have found that I can do more than what is on the chart. If you have a creative mind and a knowledge of various exercise movements the Weider X-factor can take your body to a different level. Everybody (clients, friends, and family members) rave about its fluidity. Whenever someone uses this for the first time I hear “wow this is so smooth, I like it better than the cable machines in the gym”. I feel like  cable machines can do a lot of the work for you sometimes. I like cable machines, but there is a difference. There is a limit when it comes to the amount of resistance it can, but again with some creativity you can break any limitation. Out of the box once its assembled this is a quality complete piece of equipment.

The set up took a couple or hours. It wasn’t complex but it took some rolling up your sleeves and reading. But when it is all set up you quickly find it was worth the time and effort, and the money? I would easily price this twice maybe even three times as much in worth.


Review written by:

Diane Mohlman


Blue Wahoo HR Monitor

Blue Wahoo…..YAHOO!!


I have used several heart rate monitors. This is my absolute favorite. It is basically a chest strap that sends your data via bluetooth smart to iPhone or iPad. It works only with the iPhone 4s and up and the iPad 3 generation and up. As far as I know currently is does not work with an Android.

Out of the box there is no need for batteries or charging. There are a few simple steps to get you on your way. Download the application, free, from iTunes on the device of your choice (I have the app on both iPhone and iPad), follow the instructions in the app to sync the strap via bluetooth with your device, wet sensors and fit the chest strap around your chest, under the breasts for women, hit start and begin tracking your workouts, running, or a variety of other physical activities.


It is extremely comfortable. You may be aware of the strap when you first put it on, but very quickly it seems to melt and mold with your body and becomes virtually unnoticeable. I have used chest strap heart rate monitors for years. The presence or sensation of a chest strap is a comforting feeling to me, almost like the smell of the rubber mats or iron weights can give me a feeling of being home or in my element when I step into my gym or any gym/workout space.

Another advantage is the low energy consumption making the battery last twice as long as other heart rate monitors. Changing batteries in HR monitors is was a pet peeve of mine. One watch and chest strap,which I loved, I could no longer use because the battery died! What the? I was so upset. How was it possible and what a stupid design. Which is another plus, the battery is very easy to change.

This chest strap will cost you around 80 dollars. I purchased mine from an Apple store. I am assuming you can purchase one from most sporting good stores. I have also seen it on amazon.

An absolute plus for any gym rat, or fitness fanatic! article

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Which should come first; physical or inner health?



Sometimes we don’t feel so good on the inside. We have hang-ups and battles inside of our heads that we deal with everyday. Then, sometimes we don’t feel so good on the outside, we are overweight, we feel disgusting, lazy and even embarrassed. So which one comes first? working on the inside and then the outside or is it the other way around.

If we take the time to work on our outsides first, a few amazing things will happen. All of a sudden you will fall into some confidence, and self esteem will smack you upside the head. You will walk around with your head held high. As you grow stronger physically and things start to change on the outside, you will start to notice a change inside. As you grow physically stronger on the outside you feel some strength inside. You drop the weight that you have been carrying and next thing you know you are dropping issues, hang-ups and winning the battles that go on in your head. It really is an amazing process and it really works!

When you start to take care of your physical body you gain strength, endurance and flexibility. You see and feel the actual changes, and you believe in yourself. You will now have the confidence knowing that you can make good life changing choices that you could not make before.

Once you have that self esteem and confidence ball rolling a little bit, you will find that dealing with what is going on inside is easier. The fears start to go away, you begin to believe in yourself.

So if you are not strong enough to deal with the battles from within, hit a gym, change your diet and start there. Once you gain some of the tools you need, like self-esteem and confidence, you will wish you had started this process sooner. Life is too short, and it progresses whether we do or not. So we may as well progress with it and make the ride a healthy, enjoyable one!

***This little write up is the exact opposite of a recent article I wrote “Why you can’t shake the fat”. Both are filled with words I believe and I support 100%. The important thing is you know where you stand and which article speaks to you. In health, fitness, and actually every aspect of your life (work, relationships and so on) you must be honest with yourself and others. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, this can lead to failure. If you are already struggling with self esteem issues, and doubts on whether you can accomplish a goal you decide to take on, this failure can throw you deeper, and hinder any possible growth. My advice? Read both, figure out which speaks to you, maybe neither will. Maybe you think I am full of prunes (as my mother in-law says….gotta love her). Or maybe each do in one area or another. Although they may sound or feel like they are conflicting

with each other, it’s important to note we all have different challenges, different obstacles, in different stages, on different paths and so on. Sometimes two very opposite things can make sense in very specific ways, and in a way that only applies and/or makes sense to you. My words are only to support, uplift, and advise. Anything I write is merely my findings, learnings, research, opinions, and experiences. Take what you want leave what you want….hate me, or love me.

Why You Can’t Burn the fat.

It may be more mental than physical!


Too often clients come to me, say they are doing everything I have asked, or advised, show up for their sessions, but still can’t move the fat off their bodies. When we go over why, or what can be going wrong I can see they don’t have faith in themselves, or the program I have customized for them.

Also, the more we talk, the more it becomes evident they really aren’t do everything I ask. At times they even question whether they really need to cut out the alcohol, or white rice, or weekend binges, or soda. Let me say this before I continue, I do not drink alcohol, or soda. I limit my sweets, I do not eat white rice, or simple carbs. I am 40, and in the best shape I have ever been in. I can honestly say I am in better shape than most woman I know. I am not saying I am in better shape than any woman on this planet. I am saying I am in better shape than most girls and women I can think of that off the top of my head.

Now that being said, let me ask a very honest and blunt question! How in the world is any person who has 5-40 plus pounds to lose going to drop weight, and keep it off if they do everything I suggest not to do, and don’t do myself. If I can’t drink soda or alcohol and maintain my level of fitness then how can you. If I can’t eat white rice and complex carbs and keep lean then how can you even LOSE FAT! It baffles me that a person can look me straight in the face complain about the lack of weight loss and then say “do I really have to cut all of that out”, UH……YES! My goodness do people really think that I am the only one who has to eat clean and live a clean lifestyle to maintain my level of fitness. It frustrates me beyond belief.

Aside from the above, I stress how important water, complex carbs, EATING, rest, and actual planning is necessary to achieve the goals they seek. I explain what I do, and even say that “no you don’t have to be as crazy as I am……”, but if you really want what I have worked so hard for it has to come at some point. But NO, they don’t believe and then, here is the kicker, they actually look at me, and I swear  it seems like they are blaming me, because they haven’t lost as much as they want, and honestly they should. Now sometimes there is the issue of an imbalance. But I have studied on this and actually have done a great job on correcting mine, with the help of my doctor for the issues that cannot be addressed through less aggressive measures, as well as others who have faith and believe.

Let me also say usually when there is an imbalance that is due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and other poor lifestyle choices, they can correct themselves as soon as we start the program. But in the absence of an imbalance all it takes is some trust, and some discipline. Most look at me and say it genetic. NO, this bothers me more than anything. I work my BUTT off. And yes I have fours sisters and none are overweight, but my body is different. I have a more athletic build, and I have worked very hard to get where I am. It’s not that hard, it is hard work, but it isn’t magic. It takes planning, discipline, will, and yes cutting out the junk. Especially in the beginning when you are trying so hard to change your body composition.

What I am getting at is this, maybe you aren’t ready for a trainer. Maybe you need to do some work on yourself first. Maybe you should do some research on health, fitness, and diet so you are open to a lifestyle change, and have faith in what is being advised. Maybe you should look at how you have been doing life, and the choices you have made and be honest, really honest. It is important when you go to a trainer that you listen and comply. Not just for the hour of training. You burn the most amount of fat outside of the gym, and training. What does that mean? That means I can ask, I can advise, I can make you crawl out of my gym, but you need to be honest and accountable not just to me in that hour but to yourself for the rest of the day. You need to be honest and if you are not ready to take on changes, and really take inventory of your life and make the appropriate changes then it’s probably best if you don’t seek the service of a trainer. Unless you want to waste money, time and frustrate the trainer. Or even worse, at least to me, blame the trainer for your own inadequacies and dishonest approach when it come to your health and fitness goals.

Seems a little rough, and sharp. Well, my time has been wasted, I have been blamed, and it is heartbreaking, even insulting. Fitness isn’t preparing to fit into a dress, or looking good in a bikini. Fitness is a way of life. Fitness is eating, resting, healing, supporting your system with the right supplements, trusting your trainer and being honest with yourself and then one you hire. Fitness can be just for an event or wedding, but then it’s not fitness, it’s a fad, a short term change, and possibly additional damage you do to your system by gaining, losing, gaining, losing……..and so on.

SO! Fix your insides first. Especially if you know you cannot commit and you are seeking the advice or services of a trainer thinking this person is your savior. Because honestly if you were really going to look at a trainer as your savior you would have faith, respect, and appreciate the effort, and interest that is given in YOUR health and fitness.


Lowering your cortisol levels

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